Zenwizard Studios



Custom Computer Building:

Let us help you design and build your next gaming or workstation computer! If it is a desktop, we will be glad to assist. Unfortunately, given the highly custom nature of laptops, we are unable at this time to offer custom laptop designs. We will be glad to discuss your needs, and help you pick a laptop that will suit you. Our Expert technician can help you wade through a spec sheet, so you understand what you really need and what is fluff that you don't.

Audio Equipment Repair:

We are proud to offer component level repair for audio equipment that is out of warranty and no longer supported. The lab is growing and adding capabilites daily. We are also proud to offer repair on Vaccum tube equipment. Our resident Wizard has worked on high voltage equipment for years and has the know how, and the tools, to work on this kind of equipment safely.

Board Level Repair:

We also offer board repair. Our resident Wizard is constantly working on growing his skill set to include ALL types of repair, including Micro soldering and Board repair. If you have an electrical issue, we are more than happy to discuss how we can help you resolve your issue.

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