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The Lab


Our lab is forever changing and evolving, and will be a fluid space as the needs change. The previous focus of the lab was on building the lab itself, but as the gear is now working, it is ready to assist you! The lab is set up for Computer and Electronics repair and our Master Technician has experience in the safe repair of high voltage equipment, including tube amplifiers. We are currently set up for anything under 1KV supply voltages.

Below is a list of our equipment that is currently in the lab available for servicing customer equipment:

General Signal Sources:

B&K Precision 20MHz Function Generator

Tektronix FG501A - Function Generator

Tektronix FG507 - Sweeping Function Generator

Tektronix SG503 – Leveled Sign Wave Generator

Tektronix SG504 – High Frequency Leveled Sign Wave Generator

Tektronix PG506 – Calibration Generator

Tektronix TG501A – Time Mark Generator

Tektronix Type 106 – High Amplitude Square Wave Generator

Tektronix Type 184 – Time Mark Generator

Tektronix Type 109 – Medium Frequancy Leveled Sign Wave Generator

Low distortion Signals:

Tektronix – SG502 Low distortion Oscillator

Ultra Low Distortion Signals:

Tektronix SG505 Ultra Low distortion Oscillator

Measuring Equipment

Spectrum Analyzers

HP 3585B

BK Precision 2630


Digital Scopes

Rigol - MSO1104Z 100Mhz fully optioned

Analog Scopes

Tektronix 7904A 500Mhz

Tektronix 7704A 200Mhz

Tektronix 7603 100Mhz

Tektronix 7603 100Mhz Dedicated X-Y Display

Tektronix 485 350 Mhz Option 2 and 4

Tektronix 485 350 Mhz

Tektronix 465 465


Keithly 6500 DMM

Fluke 85050

Fluke 8840

Tektronix DMM502A

The gear on this list has all been checked and is in spec.

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